The Ultimate Botswana Safari

This is my ultimATE SAFARI EXPERIENCE IN AFRICA...Although Botswana has an abundance of possibilities when it comes to adventure routes and itineraries, I consider the below camping safari THE ultimate one!A Botswana safari is possibly the epitome of an African...

What meals can you expect to get on safari with Africa’s Best Adventures?

MEALS ON  A CAMPING SAFARIAs we custom design the majority of our adventure safaris, so do we custom design the meals we serve...To us variety and nutrition are the keys and we go all out to ensure wholesome enjoyable dishes.MEALS ON SAFARI Starting the day the right...

Do You Know All The 5’s Found On The African Plains?

THE BIG 5 IS ONLY ONE OF THE ATTRACTIONS ON AN AFRICAN SAFARI.We all know the famous Big Five most tourists come to Africa for, but how about the Little 5 as well as the occasionally mentioned Ugly 5?The Big 5 being the Elephant, Rhinoceros, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard...

Preparing For Your African Safari

IT'S ALMOST TIME FOR A SAFARI WITH US! HERE ARE A FEW TIPS TO PREPARE.For the purpose of this information piece the content is relevant to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana.Below follows the most important items you need to consider whilst preparing for...

My 6 Favourite Wildlife Destinations in Southern Africa

experience the real Africa, visit these AMAZING places.I have been to all of the Southern African wildlife destinations over the last few years and list the below 6 as some of my all-time favourites.Guests planning a wildlife adventure to Southern Africa are spoilt...

How to plan the perfect African safari

PLANNING AN AFRICAN SAFARI? ASK THESE QUESTIONS.We will show you how to plan the perfect African safari. When planning that perfect safari you need to start right at the beginning. The 5 main questions to ask yourself are WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHO & HOW. Let's dive...


Hi, I’m Altis. We don’t merely plan African safaris. We take you on life-changing experiences, creating memories you will remember for the rest of your life!  


Hi, I’m Altis. We don’t merely plan African safaris. We take you on life-changing experiences, creating memories you will remember for the rest of your life!  


My story as a safari guide began when my son, Matthew was a few years old.

His two sisters had mom to keep them occupied over weekends when I played golf, but him being our first boy, I decided to start camping with him on weekends, mostly in the Cederberg mountain range. The fact that I was a keen young horticulturist helped, as I managed to identify many plants and had a good understanding of geology, erosion, weathering and more.

I slowly started gathering good quality camping gear, invested in a 4×4 and the areas we frequented grew week by week. Young Matt had an immediate liking for this and became a pretty well traveled, knowledgeable young nature guy very soon.

From the Cederberg we expanded in a northwest direction to Namibia, and northern direction towards the Kalahari and a south east direction to the Garden Route.

Our exploratory travels soon became a passion and I realised that I wanted to share this passion with other people too. I therefor proceeded to do reconnaissance trips to many interesting areas and places all over Southern Africa, learning as much as possible, plotting routes, noting accommodation availability, distances, road conditions, availability of food, vet lines and the lot.

At the same time I started working on my outdoor cooking skills and soon I had an impressive list of campfire dishes, all prepared with limited ingredients, but all delicious for sure. Examples are springbok stew and pap, ostrich strips with baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes and corn, all open fire prepared.

With this goes freshly baked bread in a black pot, banana, marshmallow and chocolate pudding and more.

Whilst learning about the routes, places, and meals I needed a lot more to be one of the best guides in Southern Africa.


Okavango Delta, Chobe, Central Kalahari, Makgadikgadi, Savute


Etosha, Sossusvlei, Kaokoveld, Epupa Falls, Namib-Naukluft, Spitzkoppe


Kruger NP, Kgalagadi, Richtersveld, Wild Coast, Cape Town, Garden Route


Victoria Falls, Mana Pools, Hwange, Matopos, Kariba, Great Zimbabwe

 Firstly I bought a proper 4×4 overlanding vehicle and attended a couple of 4×4 driving courses, the last being the advanced course, as I needed this experience when taking guests off road.

Secondly I started reading up on as many topics as possible, from the history of little towns to animal behaviour, to astronomy, geology and more.
All of this was an amazing experience and I was hooked.

I realised that I wanted to do this for ever and got an opportunity to assist a tour operator friend with a trip to Mana Pools in Zimbabwe, using my own 4×4, driving photographers around for 5 days, looking for great photo opportunities.

When I drove home my mind was made up, this is it, I’m going to go all out!

Before I could do the guiding legally I needed a guiding qualification. After qualifying as a culture guide for the Cape region, I wanted more and soon after qualified as a National culture guide…. man I was a proud tour guide now!

My appetite was whet and I realised that deep down I always wanted to be a nature guide, able to share all the wonders of nature with fellow travelers, and not long after I passed my nature guides exam with distinction…

Dangerous animal behaviour studies as well as animal tracking followed in the Kruger National Park, as I needed to know all about animal behaviour if I wanted to answer all client questions, as well as being able to share animal interactions and general knowledge with guests…so far so good and all the time I spent many hours self studying and learning the stuff the courses don’t teach you.

I furthermore spent as much time in the field, learning more and more and yearning to improve my knowledge and skills ever more.
Since I also wanted to take guests into remote off road areas I needed a qualification to legally do so and soon after I obtained the 4×4 adventure off road guiding badge…

I now obtained every qualification I thought I needed to give me sufficient background to be a very good all round guide, and together with my cooking skills, knowledge of my areas of operation, added to my complete passion for people of all types, I started my business called ‘Africa’s Best Adventures’.
I wanted to add value to peoples lives and decided to establish a company that provides people with intimate, custom designed safaris and adventures for singles and small family or friend groups to the amazing Southern African region.

In doing this I am able to give my clients an amazing experience whereby I look after them, guide them, cater for them, do adventures with them, be their security guard, driver and eventually confidant and friend.

Over time I improved my vehicles and equipment to a very high level and got all the legal requirements and especially the insurance requirements in place. We applied for SATSA membership and was accepted as a principle member of SATSA, the most influential tourism governing body in South Africa, and adhere to their strict code of ethics at all times.

We are driven by our immense passion for people, our passion for nature as well as our love of good food and just love bringing it all together with you on your African adventure, ensuring that you will leave our continent fulfilled, with memories that will stay with you for life! 

Adding it all together and putting a lot of hard work into understanding the whole nature thing better, spending many solo hours in places like Savute and Moremi, ensured that I am able to share most of the intricacies of nature with my guests and enable me to share a deeper understanding of life in the bush with them.


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