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Hazel and Giuseppe

Hello Altis,
Me and Hazel are grateful for such a fantastic holiday and amazing guide
We are still looking at our photos and talking about our trip there
It was the best holiday ever we are so happy we met you and your wonderful family
We hope to come back soon.we are settle back home now I will send you more of my
Photos as I’m still working on them. We just bought a brand new Hyundai Tucson 2016.
We are delighted with it and I got some great news today I will start a new job with Oceania
Cruise which leave from Australia I leave on 21 this month.hazel is trying to start her own little
Business working in beauty salon hope all goes well for her
We miss South Africa but are going to work hard to return for next adventure and beers with you
Say¬†hello to all and we will chat I’m still eating the billtong lol..
Hazel and Giuseppe
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