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How to plan the perfect African safari


We will show you how to plan the perfect African safari. When planning that perfect safari you need to start right at the beginning.

 The 5 main questions to ask yourself are WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHO & HOW. Let’s dive in.


What would you like to do while on safari?

It all starts with a dream. An African safari is definitely an incredible choice when thinking of your next holiday. To start the process, ask yourself WHAT it is that you hope to see or experience in Africa. 

The majority of travelers go on safari to experience the incredible wildlife of Africa. These wild animals they have probably seen on National Geographic or perhaps in a zoo.

There are many national parks and game reserves scattered across Southern Africa. Large portions of land is protected and conserved for Africa’s wildlife. In many cases these areas have stayed virtually untouched and offer exceptional wildlife safaris.

On the other hand some folk want to visit world famous Cape Town and the Garden Route whilst still others want to experience the cultural, ethnic diversity and scenic beauty of Southern Africa. Once you have decided exactly what you would like to see it’s time to take the next step.


Where would you like to go?

Now you need to decide WHERE you would like to see the experiences you are after.

For true and amazing wildlife experiences Botswana is my first choice. If you want a fair amount of wildlife, beautiful scenic routes, as well as amazing cities, South Africa springs to mind.

Limited wildlife combined with landscape and scenic routes calls for Namibia, whilst Zimbabwe gives you amazing wildlife as well as cultural and scenic input.

Tick off Mana Pools, Lake Kariba, Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park and you cover the lot.


Okavango Delta, Chobe, Central Kalahari, Makgadikgadi, Savute


Etosha, Sossusvlei, Kaokoveld, Epupa Falls, Namib-Naukluft, Spitzkoppe


Kruger NP, Kgalagadi, Richtersveld, Wild Coast, Cape Town, Garden Route


Victoria Falls, Mana Pools, Hwange, Matopos, Kariba, Great Zimbabwe


When are you planning to travel?

Thirdly you need to decide WHEN you would like to visit the country of your choice.

All African countries have high season and low season with intermediate seasons between the two.

When you do your research you will come across the seasonal offerings and please ensure that you pick the right activity at the right time of the year. For wildlife safaris July to early October are best as roads are dry, temperatures are mild and you won’t to be exposed to unwanted rainy weather.

At this time animals sightings are also very good as they need to frequent watering holes as opposed to the rainy season when they drink in puddles elsewhere, meaning not as visible as you might like.


Unfortunately prices are also the highest during peak times and you might want to look at more affordable periods for your visit eg March to June or late October to January.

In the case of scenic and or landscape safaris you are not quite as seasonal bound and good safaris can be enjoyed all year round.

Do bear in mind that winter months, May to July, can be freezing cold at night with pleasant days, whilst summer months can be very hot with temperatures of 40⁰c common.

July to early October remains the best travel months by a mile, whilst price reductions can be enjoyed in the other months.


Who will you be traveling with?

The next point of consideration is WHO you want to travel with?

Are you a solo traveller looking for a private guide catering for you only? Or do you want to travel as a solo, but in a group of 7 – 24? Perhaps you intend travelling with a partner or a few family friends, or are you and your spouse looking to take the children on a safari?

The questions will influence your choice of safari and some packages only cater for certain guests groupings, whilst in others it doesn’t matter. Be sure that the package you have your eye on, caters for your grouping.


How will you be traveling on safari?

Once you have attended to the above you need to decide HOW you would like to travel.

Options on how you would like to travel are wide and here you may want to travel in a large overlander bus with many fellow travellers or perhaps you prefer a smaller but robust 7 seater safari vehicle.

Perhaps a luxury SUV 4X4 small group vehicle is for you or who knows maybe you want to hire a 4X4 or sedan and do your own driving.

We are getting closer to your perfect safari, but you need to decide on a couple more important aspects. You now need to decide whether you are a LODGER or a CAMPER.

African lodges are mostly superb and the numbers and types are numerous.

Campsites are evenly good and the advantage of a tented safari is that the wildlife gets a lot closer to you, as many campsites are in the bush without fences keeping wildlife out.

Choosing a camp safari above a lodge safari comes at a premium though as you will forfeit a number of the lovely luxuries a lodged package offer.

Camping is of course a lot more budget friendly to those conscious of budget.


What is the budget for your safari?

Finally you need to decide on BUDGET.

Do you have limited budget, but want to see and experience as much as possible and even partake in some add on adventures like a helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls or Okavango Delta, or are you not restricted by budget and have the means to select a lodge safari?

Budget furthermore dictates group size as the more guests on any given safari, the more affordable it is.

Solo travellers preferring a private guide will of course understand that this kind of safari is not for the budget wary.


The above are all the important factors when planning your perfect safari.

You can tackle the planning yourself and will probably have a great experience or you can connect with us and let us guide and assist you to plan the best experience you have ever had.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than making your dreams come true… It is our passion and we just can’t stop loving it…


We’re here to plan the perfect safari!


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