Discover Namibia: Where Adventure Awaits

WHY NAMIBIA?Welcome to Namibia, a land of vast deserts, rugged coastlines, and rich cultural heritage.Nestled in the southwest corner of Africa, Namibia beckons adventurers with its stunning landscapes and unique experiences. Whether you're drawn to the otherworldly...

The Ultimate Botswana Safari

This is my ultimATE SAFARI EXPERIENCE IN AFRICA...Although Botswana has an abundance of possibilities when it comes to adventure routes and itineraries, I consider the below camping safari THE ultimate one!A Botswana safari is possibly the epitome of an African...

What meals can you expect to get on safari with Africa’s Best Adventures?

MEALS ON  A CAMPING SAFARIAs we custom design the majority of our adventure safaris, so do we custom design the meals we serve...To us variety and nutrition are the keys and we go all out to ensure wholesome enjoyable dishes.MEALS ON SAFARI Starting the day the right...

Do You Know All The 5’s Found On The African Plains?

THE BIG 5 IS ONLY ONE OF THE ATTRACTIONS ON AN AFRICAN SAFARI.We all know the famous Big Five most tourists come to Africa for, but how about the Little 5 as well as the occasionally mentioned Ugly 5?The Big 5 being the Elephant, Rhinoceros, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard...

Preparing For Your African Safari

IT'S ALMOST TIME FOR A SAFARI WITH US! HERE ARE A FEW TIPS TO PREPARE.For the purpose of this information piece the content is relevant to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana.Below follows the most important items you need to consider whilst preparing for...

My 6 Favourite Wildlife Destinations in Southern Africa

experience the real Africa, visit these AMAZING places.I have been to all of the Southern African wildlife destinations over the last few years and list the below 6 as some of my all-time favourites.Guests planning a wildlife adventure to Southern Africa are spoilt...

How to plan the perfect African safari

PLANNING AN AFRICAN SAFARI? ASK THESE QUESTIONS.We will show you how to plan the perfect African safari. When planning that perfect safari you need to start right at the beginning. The 5 main questions to ask yourself are WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHO & HOW. Let's dive...

About Us

Hi, I’m Altis. We don’t merely plan African safaris. We take you on life-changing experiences, creating memories you will remember for the rest of your life!  

About Us

Hi, I’m Altis. We don’t merely plan African safaris. We take you on life-changing experiences, creating memories you will remember for the rest of your life!  

Unique Travel Experiences

Experience the real Africa with Africa’s Best Adventures

It’s about the small things: the first coffee in the morning, the sounds of the African night, the delicious meals cooked on an open fire, the smile of a friendly local, the incredible destinations experienced, and the peace-of-mind knowing you are in our capable hands every step of the way.

Our philosophy is simple – by accompanying you throughout your safari, we ensure you get the best out of every moment. The magic starts during the planning where we get to know each other, and with you create a safari that is perfectly suited to your needs and your budget. 

Join us and let’s plan the perfect African adventure! 


To truly experience Africa at its best we go the extra mile to make your safari exceptional in every way…





WE’VE Got You Covered


We take you on a journey of discovery and plan your African safari to suit your specific interests and budget. 


Don’t just tick off the places you visit. Ignite your senses and experience it in a way you’ve never expected. 

Epic journeys

Your African safari is all about making memories. It is our mission to take you on an epic journey of discovery.

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